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A circular ring of Radius a with uniform positive charge density  per unit length is located in the Y-Z plane with its center at the origin O. A particle of mass M0 and positive charge Q0 is projected from the point S (av3,0,0) on the positive X axis directly towards O with initial speed v0. Find the smallest (non zero) value of the speed v0 such that the particle does not return to point S?


daily news digest:27 october 2021

First direct flight inaugurated between shillong-dibrugarhon october 26, 2021, union civil

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operation red rose

Operation red rose context: operation red rose belongs to punjab. now, after a year-and-a-half

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world meteorological organization

World meteorological organization (wmo)’s report on greenhouse gases context: emerging

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first india-kyrgyzstan strategic

First india-kyrgyzstan strategic dialogue context: the 1st india-kyrgyzstan strategic dialogue

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