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Exams - CPT

A company forfeited A’s 1000 shares Rs. 10
each @ 10% discount. But A failed to pay
first call of Rs. 2 and final call of Rs. 4 and all
the shares were re issued for Rs.8 per share
as fully paid up. The loss on re issue is ____
to forfeited account will be _____?


daily news digest:09 april 2020

Ncovsense module funded by dstthe pune based healthcare startup ‘module innovations”,

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one liners of the day, 10 april

Important day crpf valour day – 9 april. economy according to the un 'economic and

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supreme court orders private labs

Supreme court orders private labs to do covid19 tests for free the supreme court of india on

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mohua has launched revised version

Mohua has launched revised version of swachhata app the mohua has launched a revised version

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