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A company has issued 10000 preferred shares and 50000 common shares both of par value Rs. 100 each. The dividend on a preferred share and a common share is 12% and 17.6%, respectively. The company had a total profit of 15 lakh rupees out of which some amount was kept in reverse fund and the remaining disturbed as dividend. Find the amount kept in reserve fund?


one liners of the day, 30 march

Important day world bipolar day – 30 march. defence the border roads organsation (bro)

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daily news digest:29 march 2020

The us invoked defence production act, 1950 the president of the united states of america,

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china will launch cz-5 carrier

China will launch cz-5 carrier rocket in april a long march-5b carrier rocket which is an experimental

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agriculture-farming and allied

Agriculture-farming and allied activities will be exempted from the 21 days lockdown the central

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