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A company has issued 10000 preferred shares and 50000 common shares both of par value Rs. 100 each. The dividend on a preferred share and a common share is 12% and 17.6%, respectively. The company had a total profit of 15 lakh rupees out of which some amount was kept in reverse fund and the remaining disturbed as dividend. Find the amount kept in reserve fund?


one linears of the day, 28 january

Economy the ministry of coal, through its cpse's, have registered 28.33% yoy growth in capex

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daily news digest:27 january 2022

Corruption perception index 2021on 24 january 2022, transparency international released the

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russia delivers 70,000 ak-203 kalashnikov

About the contract: the indian armed forces placed an order for 670,000 rifles, with which

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jeevan raksha padak series of awards

Key point: the awards include 06 sarvottam jeevan raksha padak, uttam jeevan raksha padak

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