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Aptitude - Aptitude-speed and distance

A man jogging inside a railway tunnel at a constant speed hears a train approaching the tunnel from behind at a speed of 30km/h, when he is one third of the way inside the tunnel. Whether he keeps running forward or turns back, he will reach the end of the tunnel at the same time the train reaches that end. The speed at which the man is running is ?


daily news digest:23 october 2021

Drdo successfully flight-tested aerial target abhyason october 22, 2021, defence research and

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india and 10 other countries categorised

India and 10 other countries categorised as ‘country of concern’ in national intelligence

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offshore sailing race from goa

Offshore sailing race from goa to kochi by indian navy context: to celebrate azadi ka amrit

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kittur rani chennamma jayanthi

Kittur rani chennamma jayanthi celebrated in karnataka context: on october 23, 2021, karnataka

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