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Aptitude - Aptitude-speed and distance

A tower is 61.25m high. A rigid body is dropped from its top and at the same instant another body is thrown up-wards from the bottom of the tower with such a velocity that they meet in the middle of the tower. The velocity of projection of the second body is ?


‘national protein day’ 2021

‘national protein day’ 2021 observed context the theme of ‘national protein

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products for one district one focus

Products for one district one focus product (odofp) context the products for one district

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list of ‘swachh iconic places’

List of ‘swachh iconic places’ (sip) under phase iv of the project released context

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‘e-parivahan vyavastha’ scheme

‘e-parivahan vyavastha’ scheme launched context the state government of himachal

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