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Aptitude - Aptitude-Number System

A watch ticks 90 times in 95 seconds and another watch ticks 315 times in 323 seconds. If both the watches are started together, how many times will they tick together in first hour ? 


nato summit 2021

Nato summit 2021 context: on june 14, 2021, 31st formal meeting of heads of government of nato

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global wind day : 15th june

Global wind day : 15th june context: every year, on june 15, the global wind day or world wind

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srisailam temple complex, found

Srisailam temple complex, found six sets of copperplate inscriptions context: the bhramarambha

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47th g7 summit 2021

47th g7 summit 2021 context: recently, the 47th g7 summit was held on 11-13 june 2021 in cornwall

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