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As part of the liberalisation programme and with a view to attract foreign exchange, the government and the RBI have devised two schemes known as FCNR 'A' and FCNR 'B' .Which of the following is/are true regarding these two schemes?
1. Under scheme 'A' RBI bears exchange rate fluctuations.
2. Under scheme 'B' other are to meet out the difference in exchange rate         fluctuations.
3. Both the schemes stand withdrawn now.
4. Only scheme 'A' has been withdrawn  


daily news digest:29 october 2020

Indian army develops messaging application ‘secure application for internet’army has developed

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this day in history

29 - october - 1851 british indian association was established in bengal with radha kanta

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Kaziranga, assam it is the world’s heritage site, with two-thirds of the world's great

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20% of rural students lack books’:

20% of rural students lack books’: aser survey context according to the annual state

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