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Aptitude - Aptitude-Profit Loss

By mixing two qualities of pulses in the ratio 2: 3 and selling the mixture at the rate of Rs 22 per kilogram, a shopkeeper makes a profit of 10 %. If the cost of the smaller quantity be Rs 14 per kg, the cost per kg of the larger quantity is?


one liners of the day, 19 october

Defence air forces of eight countries (the us, germany, italy, britain, france, india and

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daily news digest:18 october 2021

Over 4 crore unorganized workers registered at e-shram portalin less than two months, more

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national geophysical research institute

National geophysical research institute to analyse latest earthquake recordings in karnataka

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presence of water vapour in ‘europa’

Presence of water vapour in ‘europa’ found by hubble space telescope observatory context: recently,

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