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Consider the following statement regarding to 93rd Amendment Act 93rd Amendment has inserted in the Article 15 (5) of constitution. It enables the states to make special provision for reservation in the state owned and funded education\ninstitute (private also) except the minority education institutes. The amendment has nullified the effects of the P A Inamdar Judgment which held that enforcing\nreservation in unaided institutions would be a serious encroachment to the right autonomy of the institution.\nWhich of the statements given above is/are correct?


one liners of the day, 04 august

Defence ______ assumed the appointment of air officer in charge personnel at air hq on 01

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daily news digest:03 august 2021

Government of india has authorised two new strategic oil reservesin line with the second phase

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assam-mizoram border clash

Assam-mizoram border clash context: the chief ministers of assam and mizoram want to reduce

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european union fined amazon

European union fined amazon context at amazon.com inc., the european union has fined $ 886.6

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