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Consider the following statements regarding International Abilympics:

1. 9th International Abilympics begins at Bordeaux in France.

2. Abilympics is coined from 'Olympics of abilities' of persons with disabilities.

3. It is a global work skills competition held every four years.

4. It aims to promote social awareness in the field of skills development and employment.

Which of the above statements are correct? 


morning news digest, 19 august

Manimahesh yatra gets underway in chamba district the historical annual manimahesh yatra began

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modern apples originated in kazakhstan:

Modern apples originated in kazakhstan: study the modern fresh and plump apples originated

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evening news digest, 18 august

Navika sagar parikrama to commence in sept '17 navika sagar parikrama, the first ever indian

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vocab express- 273

Vocabexpress- 273 dear aspirants, to enhance your vocabulary here are 5 new words. use these

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