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current affairs

Consider the following statements with respect to Indo-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and state which is/are correct:

A. The India–ASEAN Agreement on trade in goods was operationalised in 2011

B. India signed a free trade agreement for services and investments with ASEAN in 2014

C. The agreement will allow India to leverage its competitive edge in the areas of finance, education, health, IT, telecommunications and transport 


daily news digest:04 march 2021

‘catch the rain campaign’ to be launched the ministry of jal shakti will launch the 100

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norway will conduct marine spatial

Norway will conduct marine spatial planning in lakshadweep and puducherry context norway will

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world wide fund for nature released

World wide fund for nature released the ‘world’s forgotten fishes report context

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75% reservation in private jobs

75% reservation in private jobs in haryana context the state government of haryana has notified

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