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Consider the following statements:
Assertion (A) : 60 Degree -65 Degree latitudes in both the hemispheres have low pressure belt instead of high pressure.
Reason (R) : The low pressure areas are permanent over oceans rather than on land.
In the context of above two statements, Which one of the following is correct ?  


gk of the day: notre-dame de paris

Gk of the day: notre-dame de paris a major fire erupted at the notre dame cathedral in paris

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iran parliament labels us troops

Iran parliament labels us troops to mideast as terrorists iran’s parliament on 16 april

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face of disasters 2019 report

Face of disasters 2019 report according to the report, ‘the face of disasters 2019’,

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raavana-1 launched into space

Raavana-1 launched into space sri lanka’s first research satellite raavana-1 built by

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