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Consider the following statements:
Assertion (A) : The same face of the Moon is always presented to the Earth.
Reason (R) : The Moon rotates about its own axis in 23 1/2 days which is about the same time that it takes to orbit the Earth.


narendra modi is likely to be re-elected

Narendra modi is likely to be re-elected for 2nd term as pm prime minister narendra modi may

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ysrc wins andhra pradesh assembly

Ysrc wins andhra pradesh assembly elections 2019 yuvajana sramika rythu congress (ysrc) has

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coral bleaching observed near mandapam,

Coral bleaching observed near mandapam, keezhakkarai, palk bay the national centre for coastal

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drdo test fires guided bomb from

Drdo test fires guided bomb from sukhoi combat jet defence research and defence organisation

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