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From data collected by the retail jewelers’ trade 
association, Ms. Thornton learns that sales of 
antique jewelry are rising and that the most 
common purchasers are older, upper-income 
couples. Though initially reluctant to purchase 
online, these customers are beginning to overcome 
their concerns. From United States Census Bureau 
data, she learns that this population segment is 
growing in number and will continue to do so 
throughout the next two decades. At this point 
what should Ms. Thornton do? 


one liners of the day, 21 june

Important day in india, national reading day - 19 june. international nystagmus day - 20 june. theme

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daily news digest:20 june 2021

Ngt directs remedial measures for restoration of assi and varuna riversthe national green tribunal

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integrated triservice theatre commands

Integrated triservice theatre commands context: recently, a high-level committee has been made

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flag satyagraha

Flag satyagraha context: on 18th june, the ministry of culture had organised a programme to

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