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History - modern

Gandhiji sent an eleven points demand note to Lord Irwin before starting the Civil Disobedience Movement.

Which of the following was/were not included in it ?
(A) Fifty percent reduction in land revenue and abolition of the salt tax
(B) Lowering of the rupee-sterling exchange rate
(c) Fifty percent cut in military expenditure and expenditure on civil
(D)Amnesty to Bhagat Singh and Batukeshvar Dutta
 Choose the correct option; 


daily news digest:13 may 2021

Monkey census as part of the ‘wildlife censusrecently, the state of haryana carried out a

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agreement with the nasa for the

Agreement with the nasa for the first private astronaut mission context recently, axiom space

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care ratings projects india’s

Care ratings projects india’s gdp forecast to 9.2% for fy22 context the domestic rating

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cabinet approves pli scheme for

Cabinet approves pli scheme for advanced chemistry cell (acc) battery storage context recently,

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