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Aptitude - Aptitude-Number System

If a person makes a row of toys of 20 each, there would be 15 toys left. If they made to stand in rows of 25 each, there would be 20 toys left, if they made to stand in rows of 38 each, there would be 33 toys left and if they are made to stand in rows of 40 each, there would be 35 toys left. What is the minimum number of toys the person have?


daily news digest:19 june 2021

In – eunavfor: joint naval exercisethe indian navy-european union naval force (in-eunavfor)

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according to a study climate change

According to a study climate change will increase sea level in lakshadweep context: according

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india post will release a 'special

India post will release a 'special cancellation” context: india post will release a ‘special

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world’s third-largest diamond

World’s third-largest diamond unearthed in jwaneng mine of botswana context: debswana

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