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Science - biology

In a typical Mendelian cross which is a dihybrid cross, one parent is homozygous for both dominant traits and another parent is homozygous for both recessive traits. In the f2 generation, both parental combinations and recombinations appear. The phenotypic ratio of parental combinations to recombinations is ________.


one liners of the day, 27 september

Important day theme for world rivers day (last sunday in september) observed on 26 september

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daily news digest:26 september

China decalares all cryptocurrency transactions as illegalon september 23, 2021, the central

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pradhan mantri digital health mission

Pradhan mantri digital health mission to be launched by pm context: in a landmark initiative,

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dfc and usaid collaborated to sponsor

Dfc and usaid collaborated to sponsor a $55 million credit guarantee programme context: on

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