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Aptitude - Aptitude-speed and distance

In an industry, the raw materials and the finished goods are transported on the conveyor belt. There are two conveyor belt, one for carrying parts from P to point Q and another for carrying parts from R to point Q. P, Q and R in that order are in a straight line. Sometimes, the belt serves to transport cart, which can themselves move with respect to the belts. The two belts move at a speed of 0.5 m/s and the cart move at a uniform speed of 2m/s with respect to the belts. A cart goes from point P to R and back to P taking a total of 64s. Find the distance PR in meters. Assume that the time taken by the cart to turn back at R is negligible?


daily news digest:25 february 2021

22nd meeting of the central employment guarantee council heldthe 22nd meeting of the central

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new alpine plant species discovered

New alpine plant species discovered in arunachal pradesh context cremanthodium indicum, a

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government notifies information

Government notifies information technology (intermediaryguidelines and digital media ethics

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national urban digital mission

National urban digital mission (nudm) launched context national urban digital mission (nudm)

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