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In context of the recent landmark judgement of the Supreme Court in the Bhim Singh vs UOI petition, which of the following statements is correct:

A. More than 66 per cent of India’s prisoners are undertrials, which is over twice the global average of 32 per cent

B. The Supreme Court directed the fast-tracking of criminal cases, and the release of undertrial prisoners who had completed at least half their maximum prison term

C. The order coincides with the central government’s view to decongest prisons by releasing undertrials


daily news digest:28 may 2020

Russia has started construction of its first stealth bomber to rival us b2the russian federation

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hydroxychloroquine clinical trial

Hydroxychloroquine clinical trial on covid-19 patients suspended by who the director-general

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sai deposits rs 30,000 each in

Sai deposits rs 30,000 each in 2,749 khelo india athletes account an amount of rs. 30,000 has

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world hunger day observed on 28

World hunger day observed on 28 may the world hunger day is an initiative of the hunger project

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