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IndARC was in news recently. Which of the given options is correct about IndARC?

A. It is the country’s first underwater moored observatory

B. It has been set up in the Kongsfjorden fjord, half way between Norway and the North Pole

C. It has been programmed to collect real- time data on seawater temperature, salinity, ocean currents and other vital parameters of the fjord

D. IndARC is going to be used for climate modelling studies to understand the influence of the Arctic processes on the Indian monsoon system 


daily news digest:25 august 2019

Over 1,100 parks developed across country under amrutaccording to the union housing and urban

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india wins gold at world archery

India wins gold at world archery youth championships in spain the indian junior (u-21) mixed

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g7 summit 2019 held in france

G7 summit 2019 held in france the 45th g7 summit is being held during 24 august& 26 august

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pm modi launches rupay card in

Pm modi launches rupay card in united arab emirates on 24 august 2019, prime minister narendra

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