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India is looking to export indigenously developed hull-mounted sonars with navies of friendly countries. Which of the following statment/s is/are correct about SONAR technology?

A. It is helpful for exploring and mapping the ocean because sound waves travel farther in the water than do radar and light waves

B. Besides detecting long-range aerial and other targets, sonars have applications in underwater surveillance, communication and marine navigation

C. There are two types of SONAR's : Active and Passive 


iit teams use plant extract, heat

Iit teams use plant extract, heat to kill skin cancer cells nanoparticle formulation of a chlorophyll-rich

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evening news digest: 22 october

Pm inaugurates phase 1 of ro ro ferry service between ghogha and dahej who will inaugurate:

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world's deepest lake 'baikal lake'

World's deepest lake 'baikal lake' crippled by putrid algae lake baikal in siberia holds one

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india ranked no. 1 in pollution

India ranked no. 1 in pollution related deaths: 'lancet' report with 2.51 million deaths in

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