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Exams - CAT

 A and B are two cities 10 Km apart. A load of 80 Kg has to be transported from A to B. the courier service is charges @ 10 Rs per hour. The optimal speed that one can go without load is 10 Km/ hr, the speed reduces to 5 Km/hr with a weight of10 Kg. Further with 20 Kg (which is the maximum weight that can be carried), the speed is 2 km/hr. What is the minimum cost?


one liners of the day, 29 november

Important day in india, national organ donation day - 27 november. international day of solidarity

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daily news digest:28 november 2020

Single point information source on climate action “india climate change knowledge portal”

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topic of the day

Environment and ecosystem functions of an ecosystem energy flow- energy is the basic force

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this day in history

28 - november – 1890: mahatma jyotirao govindrao phule died. he led a selfless life

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