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Economy - agriculture

Match List I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

List I


B. Flax

C. Sugarbeet

D. Jute

List II

1. Rainfall 1000-1500 mm; Temperature 40°-60°C

2. Rainfall 1500-2000 mm; Temperature 25°-35°C

3. Rainfall 600-800 mm; Temperature 5°-18°C

4. Rainfall 500-1000 mm; Temperature 18°-22°C

5. Rainfall 500-600 mm; Temperature 18°-22°C


daily news digest:26 february 2021

The state of school feeding report was released“the state of school feeding” report

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law that mandates the global digital

Law that mandates the global digital platforms to pay for publishing their news content passed

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state of environment report, 2021

State of environment report, 2021 released context recently, the state of environment report,

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successful launches of vertical

Successful launches of vertical launch short range surface to air missile (vl-srsam) context

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