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Exams - NEET

Match the following two lists and select the most accurate option.
List I                                                    List II
A. Oxygen evolving complex ferric oxalate     I. Potassium
B. Proton gradient concentration                   II. High oxygen
C. Hill reagent                                           III. ATP synthesis
D. Photo-respiration                                   IV. Pheophytin
                                                                V. Photolysis of water


daily news digest:15 june 2021

Rare earth metals : at the heart of china’s rivalry with us, europe china’s supremacy

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nato summit 2021

Nato summit 2021 context: on june 14, 2021, 31st formal meeting of heads of government of nato

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global wind day : 15th june

Global wind day : 15th june context: every year, on june 15, the global wind day or world wind

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srisailam temple complex, found

Srisailam temple complex, found six sets of copperplate inscriptions context: the bhramarambha

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