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Science - biology

Match the types of the fruits listed in Column I, with the examples listed on Column II. Choose the answer which gives the correct combination of alphabets of the two columns.
Column – I                   Column – II
A. Capsule                  p.  Paddy
B.  Berry                      q.  Mango
C.  Drupe                     r.  Sunflower
D.  Cypsela                  s.  Tomato
                                    t.  Ladies finger


daily news digest:29 june 2022

Pay roll automation for disbursement of monthly allowances (padma)context: padma, the centralised

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one liners of the day, 30 june

National affairs: pay roll automation for disbursement of monthly allowances (padma) was inaugurated

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uranium deposit in rajasthan

Context: large uranium reserves were found at rohil (khandela tehsil) in the sikar district

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going online as leaders (goal)

Context: minister of tribal affairs launched the second phase of the going online as leaders

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