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Aptitude - Aptitude-Number System

Ramesh and Mukesh both drive to their new home 400 miles away. Ramesh drives  the family car at an average speed of 60 mph. Mukesh drives the removal truck at an average speed of  50  mph. During the journey, ramesh stops for a total of 1 hour and  20  minutes, mukesh stops for half as long. What is the difference in minutes between their arrival times ?


world economic forum 2020: highlights

World economic forum 2020: highlights on january 21, 2020, the 50th world economic forum began

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the 32nd pragati meet

The 32nd pragati meet on 22nd january 2020 pm shri narendra modi chaired the first pragati

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wildlife census begins in kalakkad-mundanthurai

Wildlife census begins in kalakkad-mundanthurai tiger reserve from february 17th kalakkad mundanthurai

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one liners of the day, 23 january

Defence on 21 january, the central government has approved rs 232 crore for the development

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