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Exams - CLAT

Read carefully a brief summary of one of the investigations of Sherlock Holmes : "While investigating the murders of Stangerson and Enoch Drebber he got into conversation with fellow detectives which runs as follows : "The last link My case is complete.... Could you lay your hands upon those pills". After he got those pills, Holmes cut one of them, dissolved it in water and placed it in front of the terrier. Contrary to his expectations, the animal survived. Though disappointed a bit, he thought fora while and then cut the other pill, dissolved it, added milk and placed before the animal. The moment it licked, the animal died. Those were the pills present at the scenes of crime. Which one of the following aptly describes the method which this passage indicates ? 


one liners of the day, 16 may 2021

Important day international day of light - 16 may. international day of living together in

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daily news digest:15 may 2021

Ramesh powar appointed head coach of indian women’s cricket teamrecently, the board of control

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kp sharma oli re-appointed as prime

Kp sharma oli re-appointed as prime minister of nepal context in nepal, kp sharma oli was

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2021 whitley award

2021 whitley award context recently, nuklu phom, popularly known as the “amur falcon

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