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Exams - NEET

Read the following four statements, A, B, C

and D and select the right option having

both correct statements.


(A) Z scheme of light reaction takes place

in presence of PS I only.

(B) Only PS I is functional in cyclic


(C) Cyclic photophosphorylation results into

synthesis of ATP and NADPH2

(D) Stroma lamellae lack PS II as well as

NADP. Options ?


23rd june: united nations public

23rd june: united nations public service day context: every year on june 23, the united nations

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jamsetji nusserwanji tata

Jamsetji nusserwanji tata context: the founder of tata group, jamsetji nusserwanji tata has

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bats from mahabaleshwar cave has

Bats from mahabaleshwar cave has possible antibodies against nipah virus context: a survey

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pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana

Pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana extended till november 2021 context: the union government

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