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Exams - CAT

Rita, Sita, Gita and Mita went to a dance party with Tarun, Arun, Varun and Karun.Rita did not dance with Tarun or Varun, Gita knew only disco dance and Arun and Varun did not know disco. Mita and Varun are bitter enemies and won't dance with each other. Given a choice, Arun won't dance with Mita. Karun's partener is Gita. Who was Mita's dance partner?


pm to inaugurate national conference

Pm to inaugurate national conference on vigilance and anti corruption context prime minister

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this day in history

25 - october - 1951 first general election of india begins the indian general election of

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places in news

Kalapani territory it represents the basin of the kalapani river, one of the headwaters of

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evidence of dairy production in

Evidence of dairy production in the indus valley civilisation context recent studies and findings

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