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Saint Martin Hospital boasts one of the world’s 
leading medical imaging programs. Its radiology 
department specializes in the early detection of 
particularly serious forms of stomach, intestinal, 
and colon cancer. The hospital plans to invest in a 
new system of digital medical imaging and image 
transmission technologies that will enable its 
radiologists to view and evaluate intestinal scan 
results from anywhere in the world. 
With this investment, the hospital is attempting to 
overcome which of the constraints of services 


daily news digest:21 june 2021

Draft national strategy for rural development by ministry of tourismrecently, the ministry

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“divyangta khel kendras” set

“divyangta khel kendras” set up by ministry of social justice and empowerment context: on

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world sickle cell disease day -

World sickle cell disease day - 19th june context: june 19th was officially designated as world

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india-us launched hydrogen task

India-us launched hydrogen task force under “strategic clean energy partnership (scep) context: as

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