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current affairs

SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of

India), the market regulator of India on

20 June 2013 notified guidelines for

investment advisers and their associated

person and made it compulsory for them to

get the requisite certifications for them

to operate in stock market. Name the body

that will offer certifications for being

an investment adviser?


the state of the world’s children

The state of the world’s children report for the first time in 20 years,the united nations

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world students day: 15 october

World students day: 15 october every year, former president apj abdul kalam’s birthday

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nobel prize for economic science

Nobel prize for economic science 2019 the royal swedish academy of sciences has decided to

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daily news digest:15 october 2019

International day of rural women15th october of every year is observed as the”international

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