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Exams - NEET

Study and match the following lists:
      List - I                                                           List-II
(A)     Entire leaf modified into a spin                      (I)     Clematis
(B)     Leaf except stipules modified into a tendril    (II)     Citrus
(C)     Stipules modified into a tendril                    (III)     Euphorbia
(D)     First leaf of axillary bud modified into a spin  (IV)  Lathyrus
                                                                           (V)     Smilax
The correct match is


daily news digest:20 june 2021

Ngt directs remedial measures for restoration of assi and varuna riversthe national green tribunal

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integrated triservice theatre commands

Integrated triservice theatre commands context: recently, a high-level committee has been made

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flag satyagraha

Flag satyagraha context: on 18th june, the ministry of culture had organised a programme to

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india has launched new trilateral

India has launched new trilateral with italy, japan for indo-pacific stability context: india-italy-japan

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