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Exams - NEET

Study the following lists:
List – I    List – II
A.    Population    I.    Part of the earth consisting of all the ecosystems of the world
B.    Community    II.    Assemblage of all the individuals belonging to different species occurring in an area
C.    Ecosystem    III.    Group of similar individuals belonging to the same species found in an area
D.    Ecosphere    IV.    Interaction between the living organisms and their physical environmental  components
          V.    Classification of organisms based on the type of environment.


daily news digest:30 october 2020

Prime minister inaugurates arogya van, arogya kutir, ekta mall and children nutrition park

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this day in history

30 - october - 1883 swami dayanand saraswati, founder of arya samaj, died in ajmer. about swami

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places in news

France it is a country consisting of metropolitan france in western europe and several overseas

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cabinet approves extension of norms

Cabinet approves extension of norms for mandatory packaging in jute materials context the

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