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GK English ( General Knowledge )

The domestic electric appliances, these days, have star ratings (upto 5 stars) on them. The number of stars on them denotes that, more the number of stars-
1 longer the life span of the appliance
2 higher the energy efficiency of the appliance. 
3 better performance of the appliance. 
Which of the above statement/s is/are true ? 


the union cabinet approved social

The union cabinet approved social security agreement between india and brazil the union cabinet

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vikas swarup is appointed as the

Vikas swarup is appointed as the secretary west in ministry of external affairs the government

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actor suniel shetty appointed as

Actor suniel shetty appointed as the brand ambassador for national anti-doping agency actor

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the social security code bill was

The social security code bill was introduced in lok sabha labour minister santosh kumar gangwar,

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