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current affairs

The Government of Pakistan in June 2013 decided to declare a Sikh shrine ________ as a holy city. The government will initiate steps for sorting out the issues related to the welfare of the Sikhs, who live at the pilgrimage site?


vocab express- 684

Vocabexpress- 684 dear aspirants, to enhance your vocabulary here are 5 new words. use these

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japan’s hayabusa2 spacecraft

Japan’s hayabusa2 spacecraft an unmanned japanese spacecraft hayabusa 2 orbiting an asteroid

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govt.’s prerogative to frame

Govt.’s prerogative to frame schemes: sc it is the sole prerogative of the government

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sary-arka-antiterror 2019- sco

Sary-arka-antiterror 2019- sco joint anti- terrorism exercise the decision to hold sary-arka-antiterror

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