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The World Bank in June 2013 slashed its growth forecast for China's economy for 2013 to _________percent from 8.4 percent. In its report, the World Bank stated that the main risk related to China remains the possibility that high investment rates prove unsustainable, provoking a disorderly unwinding and sharp economic slowdown?


video on how to attempt delhi police

Ssc delhi police constable all india test (ait):to analyze your performance and reduce chances

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cop-23 concludes with renewed urgency

Cop-23 concludes with renewed urgency for greater ambition to tackle climate change the united

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world toilet day: 19 november

World toilet day: 19 november every year 19 november is observed as the world toilet day. toilets

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banking digest: 19 november 2017

National moody’s upgrade sovereign credit rating of india from baa3 to - baa2 centre

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