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Aptitude - Aptitude- Ratio

There are 2 vessels which are filled with the pure components. Vessel 1 contains 20 litres of milk and vessel 2 contains 20 litres of water, 5 litre of milk is taken from the vessel 1 and replaced in vessel 2. Then 4 litres of mixture is transferred from vessel 2 to vessel 1. Find the ratio of amount of water in vessel 1 to the amount of milk in vessel 2?


daily news digest:11 may 2021

National technology day observedevery year, national technology day is celebrated on may 11.

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puducherry becomes ‘har ghar

Puducherry becomes ‘har ghar jal’ ut context recently, puducherry became the second

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isro develops 3 cost-effective

Isro develops 3 cost-effective ventilators, oxygen concentrator context vikram sarabhai space

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spacex to launch ‘doge-1 mission

Spacex to launch ‘doge-1 mission to the moon’ context spacex to launch a satellite

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