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Aptitude - Probability

There are three drawers in a table. One contains two gold coins,another two silver coins, and the third a silver coin and a gold coin. One of the drawers is pulled out and a coin is taken out. It turns out to be a silver coin. What is the probability of drawing a gold coin,if one of the other two drawers is pulled out next and one of the coins in it is drawn at random ?


one liners of the day, 02 july

Important day chartered accountants day in india – 1 july. world ufo day – 2 july. economy rbi

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daily news digest:01 july 2020

Indian stamp act, 1899 (amendment) to come into effect from 1 july 2020the amendments that

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two global awards awarded to ai

Two global awards awarded to ai enabled mygov corona helpdesk of india two awards have been

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a wombat cousin of the size of

A wombat cousin of the size of bear roamed australia 25 million years ago modern wombats had

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