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There has been much speculation concerning the origin of lunar craters. One hypothesis is that they are the results of the impact of heavy meteors on the surface of the moon while still soft. The most probable explanation is that they were produced by the gases liberated from the rocky matter. \'While solidification was taking place these gases and water vapors steadily escaped through viscous surface, raising giant bubbles. The reader can easily visualize the process that took place by watching frying of pancakes and noticing the formation of bubbles and craters on their surface. Which one of the following actually helps us to determine the origin of lunar craters ? (a) Analogy (b) Study of foreign body (c) Course and effect relation (d) Speculation 165. "Perhaps the earliest work of Archimedes that we have is that on \'Plane Equilibrium\'. In this, some fundamental principles of mechanics are set forth as rigorous geometric propositions. The work opens with famous postulate \'Equal weights at equal distances are in equilibrium; equal weights at unequal distances are not in equilibrium, but incline toward the weight at the greater distance". According to this passage, which factor or factors determine equilibrium ? (a) weight (b) distance (c) weight & distance (d) equality of weights & distances 166. According to the above passage, which one of the following values can be assigned to the statement \'inequal weights at equal distances are in disequilibrium?


daily news digest:19 june 2021

In – eunavfor: joint naval exercisethe indian navy-european union naval force (in-eunavfor)

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according to a study climate change

According to a study climate change will increase sea level in lakshadweep context: according

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india post will release a 'special

India post will release a 'special cancellation” context: india post will release a ‘special

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world’s third-largest diamond

World’s third-largest diamond unearthed in jwaneng mine of botswana context: debswana

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