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Three travelers are sitting around a fire, and are about to eat a meal. One of them has five small loaves of bread, the second has three small loaves of bread. The third has no food, but has eight coins. He offers to pay for some bread. They agree to share the eight loaves equally among the three travelers, and the third traveler will pay eight coins for his share of the eight loaves. All loaves were the same size. The second traveler (who had three loaves) suggests that he be paid three coins and that the first traveler be paid five coins. The first traveler says that he should get more than five coins. How much the first traveler should get?


one liners of the day, 23 june

Important day theme for 2021 world hydrography day (21 june) - “one hundred years of

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daily news digest:22 june 2021

Cassava: for bioethanol productionindian council of agricultural research (icar)-central tuber

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un’s annual report of secretary-general

Un’s annual report of secretary-general on children armed conflict context: recently,

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black softshell turtle

Black softshell turtle context: recently, the assam forest department has signed a memorandum

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