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Aptitude - Aptitude- Fraction

Two persons Raj and Ramu started working for a company in similar
jobs on January 1, 1991. Raj's initial monthly salary was Rs 400, which increases by Rs 40 after every year. Ramu's initial monthly salary was Rs 500 which increases by Rs 20 after every six months. If these arrangements continue till December 31, 200. Find the total salary they received during that period.


daily news digest:01 august 2021

G20 culture ministers meeting in romeon july 29 and 30, 2021, the 1st g20 culture ministers

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india takes over the presidency

India takes over the presidency of unsc context on august 1, 2021, india took over the presidency

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lok sabha passed the airport economic

Lok sabha passed the airport economic regulatory authority of india (aera) bill, 2021 context the

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commission for air quality management

Commission for air quality management in the national capital region and adjoining areas bill

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