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What are the important measures recommended by the RBI to banks to implement preventive measires in order to reduce cheque elated fraud cases ?

1. Provision of an SMS alert to payer/drawer when cheques are received in clearing

2. Provision of alerting customers by a phone call and get the confirmation from the payer/drawer in case of large value cheques

3. Ensuring 100% implementation of CTS (cheque truncation system) in clearance

4. Ensuring complete K


ias weekly challenge

Q.1. which of the following is/are the salient characteristics of harappan civilization?1.

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daily news digest:23 april 2019

Ukraine comedian zelensky wins presidencymount agung volcano eruptspan-india single emergency

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banking digest, 24 april 2019

Economy first indian retail company to clock more than rs 100,000 crore in annual revenues

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one liners of the day, 24 april

Environment mount agung volcano is situated in - bali, indonesia. international comedian,

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