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Which satement is FALSE  about horticulture sector of India?
(i) in 2012-13, India prouduced 269 million tonne fruit and vegetable.
(ii) India is world's largest producer of Okra.
(iii) India is word's second largest producer of Pomegranate.
(iv) under Vegetable Initiative for Urban Clusters(VIUC), about 4 lakh farmers were mobilized into 23,000 Farmer Interest Groups (FIGs).


india’s  first ‘drive in vaccination

India’s first ‘drive in vaccination center’ in mumbai context india’s

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1st specific drug for covid-19

1st specific drug for covid-19 treatment : vincov-19 drug context recently, the vincov-19

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s&p revises india’s gdp growth

S&p revises india’s gdp growth forecast to 9.8% for fy22 context s&p global

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checkmate covid initiative launched

Checkmate covid initiative launched context the all india chess federation launched the 'checkmate

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