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There maths classes : X,Y,z take angebra test. The average score of class X is 83. The average score of class Y is 76 . The average score of class Z is 85. The average score of class X and Y is 79 and average score of class Y and Z is 81. what is average score of classes X,y,Z ?

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    let number of students in classes X,Y and Z be a,b,c respectively. Then \ntotal score of X =83a\ntotal score of Y =76b \ntotal score of Z =85c \n(83a+76b)/(a+b)=7a\n4a=3b\nand (76b+85c)/b+c =81\n4c=5b\nb=4/3a, c=5/3a\nverage score of X,Y,Z\n=(83a+76b+85c)/a+b+c\n=978/12=81.5

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